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Gurkin Security is North Texas’ choice for commercial security!

Our Business Security Services Include

Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

High-tech, easy to use burglar alarm systems with features that keep your facility secure.

Security Cameras

Commercial Security Cameras

Full HD security cameras that can be installed indoors or outdoors and monitored on a phone.

Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors

Commercial Fire Protection

Code compliant fire alarms and smoke detectors.

Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

24/7 professional alarm monitoring for rapid emergency response.

Explore Access Control

Commercial Access Control

Advanced access control to quickly and easily monitor who can come and go at your commercial facility.-Button- that takes you to the page.

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We are a family owned & operated company with over 30 years of experience. We cover both residential and commercial sites. Our team of dedicated professionals will work hard to create the perfect solution customized to meet your needs no matter how large and complex or small and simple.