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Remote Access Security Systems

Alarm System Remote Control and Event Notifications

Uplink Remote Option

With today’s busy lifestyles, more and more alarm system owners want to be able to control their systems remotely using a smartphone app or computer. They also want to receive important information from their systems, and to have control over which and how messages are delivered to them.

Alarm systems enabled with Uplink Remote allow system users to:

  • View the system’s current arming status.
  • Remotely arm and disarm the system.
  • View alarm event history.
  • Receive event notification messages.
  • Access the service via a computer or mobile phone browser, or from an app on iPhone and Android devices·
  • Add, manage and delete logins.
  • Adjust settings for email and text messaging of event notifications.
  • Easy website login at

DSC / Telguard HomeControl

remote access security systems


  • Remote Arming.
  • Unlimited sensors.
  • Ability to use touch screens when with the HUB.
  • Z-Wave automations and schedules with the HUB.
  • Upload/download
  • End user notifications.
  • Live & event based video.
  • 500 MB or 21 days of video storage.


You can add up to 10 full motion cameras sharing 500 MB of video storage per month to any system.

The cameras, along with the HUB, deliver event-triggered video clips or images, or streaming video to a smartphone or computer.

Mobile App and Portal

Telguard HomeControl’s mobile app matches the sophistication and style users expect to see on their iPhone or Android devices. The Telguard HomeControl online portal lets your customers quickly and easily enter account information, contact, authorized users, and manage their system seamlessly from anywhere, using any standard web browser.

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